Philippine actor Alden Richards. Image Credit: Twitter/Alden Richards

Alden Richards seems to be getting all the good breaks lately, so much so that he’s been dubbed the next most important star in GMA’s stable of celebrities. In this interview, Richards talks about the projects coming his way, but says he’s not the network’s current favourite.

Q. All your recent projects are lead roles, and now you will be paired with GMA’s acknowledged queen, Marian Rivera. How do you feel about that?

A. Excited. Anxious. Eager to start. I still can’t believe it that it’s happening to me. To be paired with Marian is any actor’s wish. She’s very beautiful and talented, and has accomplished so much in her career. It’s an honour to be working with her. I’ve been in the business only three years, and yet I am being given this great opportunity. I feel very blessed. I am very thankful.

Q. You almost didn’t make it into showbusiness — you did not win the reality contest you joined. Looking back, what are your thoughts?

A. Yes, I actually didn’t make it the first time I tried. Thankfully, I persevered because being an actor was my biggest dream. Fortunately, I was able to audition for a role, in Alakdana, and luckily the show rated very well, and I got noticed. Other projects came and now here I am with probably the biggest break of my career.

Q. This puts you at the same level as Dingdong Dantes and Dennis Trillo, both award-winning actors and GMA’s top male artists.

A. Ah, I don’t think so. I still consider myself a neophyte compared to them. I still have so much to learn, and so much more to prove. This is one of those projects that will help me gain more experience. It’s a big challenge but I need this. I will do my best and just try to enjoy the experience.

Q. You are aware of Marian’s reputation?

A. Yes, I know that she is a very down-to-earth person once you get to know her.

Q. I mean that bad press that is written so much about her.

A. I have heard of it, but all those I think are just rumours. You have to work with her to get to know her better — she is very funny and a real person. I would appreciate that than someone who just fakes it to get along.

Q. The new series, Carmela, will be launched in January 2014; and you play a bad boy role. That’s different from what you’ve done in the past. How did you prepare?

A. It’s true, a play a bad character here, a bit more mature than what I’ve played in the past. I had to change my hairstyle, lose weight a bit. I had to work out.

Q. You are fit; otherwise you would not have been invited to the Cosmo bash.

A. For this role, I had to have a bit more muscle so I did more workouts. Plus, of course, we had workshops with Miss Laurice Guillen which was a great experience. Imagine I had the chance to be trained by one of our best directors, and also an award-winning actress.