Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan and his director wife Kiran Rao. Image Credit: Yogen Shah/ANM

Superstar Aamir Khan has spilled all about how the soon-to-be-released racy guy flick, Delhi Belly, wouldn’t have been made if it weren’t for his wife, one-film-old-director Kiran Rao’s timely intrusion, as she picked LA-based writer Akshat Verma’s script from a pile of unread stories in the Khan office.

Khan revealed how Akshat had dropped off a copy of the script at his house, and his maid had dumped it on the script pile, but it wasn’t until a few months later that Kiran randomly picked it up while waiting for him.

“A couple of minutes later, I heard her giggle and laugh out loud,” blogged Khan. “We were supposed to go out for lunch, but she refused to stop reading. After 90 minutes I was reading it and three hours later I was calling the LA number on the script and asking for Akshat and Jim Furgele.” Adding, “Forty eight hours later, Akshat and Jim were sitting in front of me.”

The wild flick, Khan admits, might ruin the ‘clean, family entertainment’ tag of his production house, but that’s a risk he says he’s willing to take, even offering his nephew, actor Imran, a career boast by offering him a part in the flick, saying, “[Imran] has a lot of potential... For this film, he had insisted on a screen test and that indicates his determination.”

Directed by Abhinay Deo, Aamir Khan Productions' Delhi Belly revolves around the lives of three bachelors in Delhi, and it’ll hit theatres on July 1.