Dubai: More than 93,000 Toyota vehicles, including the bestselling mid-sized Camry sedan and the Yaris, will need to head back to dealership service facilities in the UAE as part of a global recall of 6.4 million cars.

Al-Futtaim Motors on Wednesday evening confirmed that 28,605 Camry and RAV4 vehicles had to be brought back for a spiral cable issue, and another 24,804 Hilux, Fortuner and Innova models too were impacted by the same.

The spiral cable issue relates to models built between April 2004 through December 2010. “In the affected vehicles, due to potential damage of an electrical connection in the spiral cable assembly, the connectivity to the driver’s airbag module could be affected,” said a statement issued by Al-Futtaim Motors, the Toyota dealership in UAE. “If connectivity is lost, the air bag warning lamp will illuminate. In addition, the driver’s air bag could become deactivated, causing it to not deploy in the event of an accident.

“Al-Futtaim Motors will begin contacting all customers with affected vehicles to replace the spiral cable,” the statement added.

The same problem could extend to around 233,000 vehicles sold in the region and 3.5 million units globally.

“Toyota is working with its distributors/dealers in the potentially impacted countries to promptly address this issue,” said another statement issued by Toyota’s regional office. “By conducting this special service in the potentially impacted countries, Toyota Motor Corporation is ensuring that the drivers and passengers of its vehicles continue to be safe.”

Meanwhile, the UAE dealership also confirmed that 39,000 Yaris vehicles, built between 2005 and 2010, will have to be checked for a ‘seat track’ special service campaign. “In the affected vehicles, the spring used for the mechanism that locks the driver’s seat rail in its adjusting positions could break if the seat is adjusted with high frequency,” a statement said. “If this occurs, the seat may not be fully locked in position. In limited instances, the broken spring could become stuck in the seat rail, and the seat might appear to be locked in position.”

Another 2,377 Yaris models, made between 2005 and 2009, will also come under the special service check for a possible “instrument panel reinforcement assembly” defect.

“Due to insufficient strength of the mounting bracket for the steering column located in the Instrument Panel Reinforcement Assembly (IPR), a crack could develop in the bracket; this phenomenon may occur if the driver is frequently and forcefully turning the steering wheel to the full-lock position,” the Al-Futtaim Motors statement said. “The driver may notice an abnormal creaking noise from the steering column mounting bracket.”

Al-Futtaim Motors will contact affected car owners. For further clarification, customers can contact the Al-Futtaim Motors Customer Care Centre on 800TOYOTA (869 682) from 8am to 7pm, Saturday to Thursday.