Calling in Uber... Sharjah is the latest market to join the ride hailing app's coverage. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Uber has now extended its ride hailing services to Sharjah as it extends coverage.

“As we work towards accelerating recovery, we’re focusing on our strengths - offering safe, reliable, and affordable mobility solutions and investing in securing the livelihoods of drivers by creating additional earning opportunities,” said Rifad Mahasneh, General Manager, GCC & Levant at Uber MENA.

Residents in the emirate will have access to UberSelect, the budget service.

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Uber has been in Dubai since 2013 and relaunched in Abu Dhabi in 2018, with regulations that allow for Emiratis to drive.

"The UAE is committed to driving urban mobility and leading smart cities of the future," said Mahasneh. "And we believe we have an important role to play in facilitating this vision, advancing the mobility system, and ultimately improving people’s quality of life."