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Faled British sportscar brand Morgan drives into UAE through an alliance with Adamas Motors.

Dubai: A bespoke British carmaker– Morgan Motor Co. – has found a spot in in the UAE, though a tie up with Adamas Motors. The latter will soon introduce the performance cars rom Morgan, which specializes in handcrafting their production. Adamas already represent Morgan Motor in Bahrain and Hong Kong.

Morgan Motors – Adamas will retail the Plus Six, Plus Four and the recently launched Super 3 at its showrooms here.

“The (Morgan) brand has been very dear to me as I have owned the Plus 8 in my early years and is still one of my favorite cars,” said Karl Hamer, founder and CEO of Adamas Motors. The Morgan Motors UAE showroom is set to open by May.

The British manufacturer is famed for handcrafted sportscars, a legacy that goes back to 1909. In March 2019, Investindustrial purchased a majority share of the company. The Morgan family, along with the senior management team and the wider workforce, retain shareholding in the company.

Morgan produces around 850 vehicles a year, of which more than 70 per cent end up with overseas buyer.

These three models will be making an appearance:

Morgan’s All-New Super 3: Put up for display first on February 24, the Super 3 is the company’s “first clean-sheet visual design” since the Morgan Aero 8, launched in 2000. It is Morgan’s “most configurable” vehicle.

Morgan Plus Six: The “recognizable” Morgan silhouette finds itself on anew platform and powertrain technology. Every component has been “redesigned to create an all-new model”.

Morgan Plus Four: The first of its lineage was launched in 1950. In the new iteration, “while the traits that have made it so special remain, the technology that underpins it has been brought firmly into the 21st century”.