At its heart, the 'Local Business Incubator Programme' aims to expand the presence of locally grown F&B concepts. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Dubai-based supermarket operator Spinneys has extended its local business incubator programme for a second year, which will help local F&B businesses and brands get speedy exposure in retail outlets.

Last year, Spinneys launched 14 brands and have a further six in development through the programme. Spinneys-operated stores released 100 new product lines and created 50 new jobs amongst the winning 2020 picks. Total sales from these brands were at Dh3 million plus.

The programme was launched “amidst the economic challenges caused by COVID-19 with the aim of supporting the UAE’s food security agenda by reducing dependence on imported supplies”.

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Tom Harvey, Commercial Manager at Spinneys, said: “Looking beyond the pandemic, we see more opportunity than ever before for small businesses to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. We began this programme at the peak of the coronavirus crisis and were amazed by the sheer number of entries and variety of innovative ideas celebrating sustainable produce, healthy and organic alternatives or entirely new food concepts.

“Being in a position to generate more jobs and help overcome some of the negative economic effects of the pandemic is crucial.”