Dubai: The recently concluded Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) has demonstrated once again that spending money does pay great rewards, be it several kilos of gold, a luxury car or some loads of cash.

Organisers of the annual retail extravaganza confirmed on Sunday that more than a hundred shoppers took home nearly Dh8 million worth of prizes during the five-week campaign.

Just last week, a Filipino nurse was awarded Dh100,000 in cash after spending a total of Dh2,000 on a number of shopping trips to City Centre Mirdif during the DSF.

In the latest round of prizes, shoppers took home some gold bars, luxury vehicles, shopping vouchers worth Dh40,000 and home appliances.

At least 142 of these spenders scored 32 kilos of gold and several gold bars, five BMW cars and six Samsung 65-inch TV – all worth a whopping Dh6.5 million through the gold and diamond promotions by the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group (DGJG).

Some lucky visitors at the Mall of the Emirates, at least 39 of them, also walked away with more than Dh1.4 million worth of prizes during the shopping bonanza.

One of the winners is British national Stefanie Fernandez, who bagged a gift card worth a whopping Dh40,000 after buying a sofa to furnish her new apartment.

Another shopper, Siarheyeva, a Belarus native, walked away with a Dh 40,000 gift card as well, while 36-year-old Vasu Chaudhary, who regularly flies to Dubai for a visit and has been a repeat visitor of Mall of the Emirates, was also among the winners.

“I could not believe that by simply buying groceries and clothes for my family, I could win so big! I visit the Mall of the Emirates quite regularly and I am beyond thrilled. I will share this extremely generous gift with my family,” said Alena.

DSF has been regarded as a key driver of consumption in the UAE. Since it kicked off in 1996, consumer spending during the promotion has been on the rise.

Studies have shown that people tend to spend more during the shopping festival, thanks to the numerous discount offers and prize promotions.