Sharjah Waterfront City Image Credit: Supplied

Today homebuyers can dream to own a sea-facing apartment or villa in Sharjah for as low as Dh1 million. Reidin’s Ali Siddiqui offers his top picks.

Below Dh1 million

For less than a million, an investor can purchase a studio or a one-bedroom unit in Blue Bay Walk, Sharjah Waterfront City. The Blue Bay Walk project is expected to be completed end of 2020.

An investor can also easily get a studio or a one-bedder or even a two-bedroom waterfront apartment for less than Dh1 million in Azure Beach Residence and Sapphire Beach Residence at Al Maryam Island. Starting price for studios here is Dh368,000, for one-bedders Dh546,000, and for two-bedders Dh777,000.

Dh1 million to Dh3 million

With around Dh1 million to Dh3 million in hand, an investor or an end user can purchase a three-bedroom villa in Sun Island. A three-bedroom villa starts from Dh2.5 million. In this segment, an investor or end user can purchase a three-bedroom waterfront apartment in Maryam Island. Starting prices for three-bedders stand at Dh1.17 million. Azure Beach Residence and Sapphire Beach Residence are expected to be completed in the mid of 2020.

Above Dh3 million

For investors and end users with more than Dh3 million in hand, they can choose from a wide range of four-, five- and six-bedroom villas in Sun Island. Phase one of Sun Island villas is expected to be delivered by the end of the year. Prices for the villas in phase one start from Dh2.5 million and up to Dh8 million.