It’s the most wonderful time of the (economic) year when the world’s top politicians and economists gather in the snowy Swiss town of Davos.

This year, the World Economic Forum at Davos kicked off with a speech by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with more politicians set to speak at the event - perhaps most interestingly of whom will be US President Donald Trump who is likely to counter everyone else’s views on global trade.

As Asian politicians advocate for free trade and no barriers, the Business team talks about protectionism, a worrying trend that’s been growing for the past two years. Will the US now have to take a back seat as other nations promote stronger trade ties? And who is the new leader of the free world? (Hint: it’s a European woman.)

Another talking point at Davos this year is internet regulation. With fake news gaining more and more clicks, should the likes of Facebook and Google be regulated? What about regulations to the likes of Uber?

The Business team talks about these issues and other pressing points at this year’s WEF.