BitCoin and regulation aren’t two words that usually go together. Ask anyone why cryptocurrencies are a good investment and one of the first words you’ll hear is “decentralized.”

As we talked about in the first part of our two-part series, the Wild West mentality of the crypto market along with its unpredictable and often massive price swings just wasn’t sustainable, as anyone who invested in the crypto-bubble last December can tell you. However, the market in virtual currencies and initial coin offerings is far from dead – instead, it’s maturing.

To find out what the future of cryptos holds, we talk to Sally Sfeir-Tait, a former market regulator who’s now leading the way into “RegTech,” a growing field that deals with making cryptocurrencies more respectable and accessible to the average investor.

She tells us everything that went wrong with BitCoin, and why – hopefully – the market is learning from its mistakes.