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Will Apple Pay make you put your wallet away?

Will the increase of digital wallets help drive e-commerce in the UAE

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A customer using Apple Pay to purchase coffee at Caffè Nero in Dubai Mall
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Following the launch of Apple Pay in the UAE on Tuesday, the D&D gang sits down to compare their experiences using digital wallets. Retail reporter Ed Clowes’ favourite so far is Samsung Pay, while our in-house fanboy Scott Shuey obviously leans towards the simplicity of Apple Pay.

Sarah Diaa, our resident Luddite, still refuses to give up her Microsoft phone, so we’re not sure what she’s going to be able to buy – but she joins the conversation anyway.

Using these wallets has been a mixed bag so far, not because of the technology but due to retailer’s reactions. Apparently, not everyone has gotten the memo regarding how mobile wallets work. (NO, we aren’t offering to trade our phones for those jeans.)

The big question for the team is whether these digital wallets, which promise to provide greater simplicity and security than credit cards, will help drive greater adoption of e-commerce in the country.

With the arrival of Amazon and launch of the in the region, demand for secure payments options will definitely increase. Will Samsung or Apple become the dominate method of payment?