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Everything you want to know about AI but were too afraid to ask your robot

Podcast episode of Dirhams & Dollars discussing the future of AI

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As Artificial Intelligence (AI) gets incorporated more and more into our lives, should we dread the future and brace for robots to take over? Or will AI make everyone’s lives easier?

The business team sits down to chat about the future of AI and how it will change the world around us. We’re joined by a special guest; Ihsan Anabtawi, chief operating and marketing officer for Microsoft, to talk everything AI.

We discuss the challenges that AI presents, including in the labour market where many fear of losing their jobs to AI.

And what about some of the more philosophical questions that AI brings? Does it oblige when humans ask it to do damage? Does it prioritise one life over the other? And whose job is it to ensure that AI is inclusive and accessible to everyone?

Microsoft’s Anabtawi also tells us what excites him most about AI and the future of the technology.