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Dirhams & Dollars — Ep 11: Holding the world to ransom(ware)

Plus Walmart results, the G7 fails to stand up to Trump, oil, and Japan’s economic data

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With ransomware dominating the headlines this past weekend, on today’s episode the team looks at the potential ramifications of the WannaCry attack when people come back in to work on Monday morning.

There are rumours swirling that another variant is on its way, this time without a kill-switch, so we analyse what that would mean for business and the cybersecurity industry.

Also top of the agenda this week is the G7 meeting and its failure to shore up the international defence of free trade. Does it signal the beginning of protectionism?

Japan releases its economic data this week too, and the team discusses its potentially revealing results in the context of the global economy.

Speaking of revealing results, Walmart’s first quarter results are expected on Thursday, and investors are looking to the numbers to see how they are holding up in their battle against Amazon.

The team discusses the implications of this, and other issues.