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India had recently brought in a blanket ban on wheat exports from the country. Exemptions were granted only to select countries such as the UAE. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Dubai: The UAE Ministry of Economy has imposed a four-month ban on the export and re-export of wheat and wheat flour originating from India. This moratorium applies to any exports done from free zones in the UAE as well for four months from May 13.

The resolution applies to all wheat varieties (spelt), namely hard, ordinary, and soft wheat, and wheat flour (spelt flour). “Companies wishing to export/re-export wheat and wheat flour varieties of Indian origin, which were imported into the country before May 13, must submit a request to the Ministry to obtain permission to export,” the Ministry said.

The ban on exports comes in the wake of the extreme supply disruptions the food staple has faced since February 24, when the Russia-Ukraine conflict was set into motion. Ukraine is one of the world’s systemically important wheat exporters as is India. India introduced the wheat export ban – with exemptions – after wheat prices shot up. India is also one of the biggest consumers of the commodity.

Exemption to India wheat export ban
Wheat brought into the UAE from India before May 13 can however be exported.

UAE businesses will submit documents that can confirm the arrival date is before May 13 and other details such as its origin, date of transaction, and any other documents the Ministry may require.

Non-India origin wheat

The UAE’s Ministry’s export moratorium does not apply to wheat brought in from any other country to be re-exported. But certain processes will still need to be followed.

For ‘wheat and wheat flour products of non-Indian origin, companies wishing to export/re-export it may do so after applying to the Ministry for export permission,” the Ministry clarified. “This application must also be supported by all documents and files that help verify the origin of the shipment to be exported/re-exported.”

The export permit issued will, however, be valid only for 30 days and must be ‘submitted to the relevant customs department to complete the procedures for exporting the shipment out of the UAE’. The application must be submitted to the Ministry of Economy through e-mail or directly at the Ministry headquarters.