Planning a job switch? UAE Millennials are confident they will get the offers soon enough. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: UAE’s hiring activity slowed in December – but that has not dented the confidence of jobseekers to find new roles within the shortest time, according to new data from the networking platform LinkedIn.

The highest degree of confidence is exhibited by UAE’s millennial workforce, who are showing a ‘growing appetite for switching jobs’ and with nearly ‘15 per cent more confidence in job searching, interviewing and in their ability to secure better jobs in 2023 than their younger colleagues’.

“Despite economic uncertainty and the slump in global hiring that’s trickled its way into the region, we’re still seeing a significant number of professionals looking to either grow within their organizations or switch jobs in 2023,” said Ali Matar, Head of LinkedIn MENA and EMEA growth hub. “Many driven by the desire for bigger salaries as the global cost of living goes up.

“Workforces clearly know their value within the job market and are taking charge of their career by investing in new skills. It’s clear that since the pandemic, professionals have become much more resilient and we’re seeing this in their confidence to tackle the year ahead.”

In December, new hiring activity during December slowed by 10.1 per cent, says LinkedIn, comparing the tally to a year ago period.

Although hiring has slowed down by 10.1% during the month of December 2022 in comparison to the same month in 2021, LinkedIn’s survey has shown that

The survey shows:

  • 74 per cent of UAE professionals are confident in securing a new role, with just 10 per cent saying that they lack this confidence.
  • The same percentage – 74 per cent - say they are confident to push for promotions and new opportunities,
  • And abut 7 in 10 feel they have the confidence to push for a pay raise.

Yes, job security concerns are there

Of those polled by LinkedIn, many do harbour concerns about job security, while a preference for remote work options remain prevalent. In fact, 72 per cent said if offered a ‘new job or promotion that requires them to be in the office full-time, they would decline the opportunity in favour of a hybrid or remote work policy’.

Millennials, not surprisingly, are more likely to be chasing a new job or role this year. Much of this stems from dissatisfaction in the current job.

“This can be attributed to the fact that 81 per cent of the millennial group feels that their employer is not invested in them, which is almost 25 per cent greater than similar concerns expressed by Gen Z,” LinkedIn says in a statement. “Additionally, millennials feel 46 per cent more undervalued at work with a significant number of them not feeling motivated enough (65 per cent), and that their wages do not require them to show higher levels of commitment (71 per cent).”

What of the Gen Z?

Gen Z employees are concerned ‘their employers have not dealt with the current economic uncertainty very well’, thus adding to a greater worry about job security. This could be a major factor in them feeling 6 per cent ‘less committed to their current jobs than millennials, with external commitments taking priority over work’.

‘Invest’ in your career in 2023:
● Create a standout profile: Be sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date to stand out to recruiters. Members with a profile photo have 21 times more views and up to 9 times more connection requests than members who don’t. Be sure to include a short summary of the background and highlight key skills.

● Look for in-demand roles: Roles in areas such as sales, tech and real-estate are among the fastest-growing jobs in UAE.

● Get interview ready: Employers will be looking for the best fit, so before each application, think - why is this role for you? How can you demonstrate that?

● Invest in yourself: For jobseekers, it's vital to understand the skills that are in demand, what skills you have that are transferable and what skills you need to learn. Over 40% of companies globally rely on skills to identify candidates, so think about the 5 most relevant skills for the job you want and add them to your profile.