Work from home stress
As if dealing with longer work hours was not enough, UAE's workers are concerned they are losing out when engaged in WFH. Image Credit: Seyyed Llata/Gulf News

Dubai: Employees in the UAE are concerned about losing out on growth opportunities because they work from home, even though it has become standard practice during the time of COVID-19.

Around 18 per cent of those surveyed do not feel trusted to do their job from home, without extensive oversight, and while just over half of the workforce feel recognized, the rest believe their achievements are being overlooked (44 per cent), according to Cisco’s Workforce of the Future study,

An alarming 59 per cent are worried that not sitting near their manager will impact their career goals. Meanwhile, 82 per cent of employees agree that if companies become more widely dispersed, leaders must communicate more to ensure an effective workplace.

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Nedd to allay fears

“As we continue to work from home and in many cases, navigate new challenges and opportunities of hybrid working, we have to be inclusive, taking everyone on the journey with us,” said Shukri Eid, Managing Director, Cisco Gulf Region. “Businesses across the Emirates must take extra steps to ensure that each person within the workforce feels invested in - and tools such as collaboration technology will play a vital role.” 

Training and development remains a priority for individuals. Around 75 per cent of UAE-based employees want leaders to prioritize training on technologies and in digital skills, with nearly two thirds concerned that this will not improve in the new normal. While 39 per cent feel they have the full technology set up to work-from-home, there is still a significant proportion who do not.