It was last year that Cafu launched its services in Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Courtesy: Cafu

Dubai: The Dubai fuel-on-demand provider Cafu will expand its staff count by 30 per cent as it seeks to top up its fleet size by 35 per cent during this quarter. More than 60 positions will be filled, including more than 40 on the tech and product side. The current workforce numbers 151 people.

“New customers registered witnessed growth of almost 48 per cent on the previous year and the demand shows no sign of slowing,” said Rashid Al Ghurair, founder and CEO. “It is vital that we continue to invest in the infrastructure of the business.”

Cafu expanded its services into Abu Dhabi last year, and has also begun capturing and reporting its greenhouse gas emissions as part of a commitment to become a carbon neutral company. Through 2021, the company recorded total emissions (tCO2e) of 642,723.7. Cafu’s air emissions from internal operations (NOx) stood at 16,473,817 grams. And total energy consumption in 2021 was 96,981,600 MJ.

The company is split into two operational functions. Cafu Tech focuses on the tech platform, ancillary products and support services enabling customers to connect and place their orders; and Cafu Petroleum brings core services to customers, taking care of operations and logistics.