Transguard installed more than 3,500 'smart' cash deposit machines and also made headway in Abu Dhabi and northern emirates. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai’s business and security solutions company Transguard Group recorded Dh2 billion worth of new and updated contracts this year, apart from hiring another 15,000 employees. Among the contracts are Dh102 million from the Expo, where the firm has provided more than 3,000 staffers at 17 national pavilions.

During the year, gains have also been led by “significant growth’ in Abu Dhabi and northern emirates. There was also full mobilisation of Emirates’ chauffeur fleet and the installation of more than 5,300 plus ‘smart’ cash deposit machines.

“2021 has been an incredibly successful year of growth and renewal,” said Dr. Greg Ward, Managing Director. “Our portfolio across the business has grown in depth and scope, and in parallel, the size of our workforce has also increased.”

The company, whose financial year ends March 31, recorded revenues of Dh1.87 billion in the 2020-21 period. “Our team actively demonstrated unparalleled dedication during these dynamic times, and their hard work has paid off in so many ways,” said Ward.