Made in Abu Dhabi
The 'Made in Abu Dhabi' logo is done in a special font. Manufacturers based in the emirate get an opportunity to present this on their products as part of the new campaign. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A full on, high-profile 'Made in Abu Dhabi' campaign is being launched to get more residents to buy local.  In This will also "incentivise" manufacturers to display the approved campaign logo on their products.

“The campaign provides all manufacturers in the emirate with the opportunity to display their products on the official page of 'Made in Abu Dhabi' page on Instagram, which we launched as part of our strategy," said Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development. "And which aims to enhance the reputation of national products within the local market, followed by regional and global markets.”

The campaign logo features a design inspired by the new ‘Sheikh Zayed’ font – an Arabic font inspired by the handwriting of the UAE's founding father.