STOCK IHC International holding company
Sirius currently has 4 companies in its fold. IHC has been making sizable commitments into sustainability focussed entities. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: The Abu Dhabi investment heavyweight IHC has brought together all its ‘green businesses’ under Sirius International Holding. This portfolio of businesses will try and leverage sustainability solutions to tackle climate change - and bring on digital transformation in this particular space.

The four companies are Green Energy Investment Holding RSC LTD, Green Enterprise Investment Holding RSC LTD, Green Vitality LTD, and IHC’s 80 per cent ownership in Rebound Limited.

“The transaction represents the completion of an expected milestone, as part of International Holding Company plans of growing Sirius International Holding into one of its key subsidiaries, along with the other eight listed subsidiaries listed on ADX,” said a statement.

“The transfer of these four entities sharpens our focus on future growth and further enables disciplined asset allocation, aligning with our strategic plan to foster the expansion of Sirius International Holding,” said Syed Basar Shueb, CEO of IHC.

The Sirius holding company will ‘harness’ industrial and technological solutions for de-carbonization, methane capture and reduction, as well as take on investments to drive clean energy efficiency, water recovery and efficiency.

The IHC model has always been hyper-focused on consolidating investments that figure in core focus areas, whether that’s in real estate or, as is the case the Sirius, in sustainability.


IHC has more than 444 subsidiaries and together coming up with a 126,000 strong workforce