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IEC Telecom's Orion Edge offers high bandwidth for corporate and crew welfare need Image Credit: Supplied

As the pandemic brought the world to a standstill, it quickly became apparent that digitalised and VSAT-enabled vessels had a distinct advantage in ensuring business continuity and supporting crew welfare. The maritime sector has been impacted by travel restrictions, port closures, and mandatory quarantine periods. With crew changeovers at a standstill and contracts extended for months, the demand for products that offer secure data over robust communication systems has increased tremendously.

While large vessels are equipped with multiple channels of communication, including circuit-switch terminals and VoIP applications powered by VSAT, smaller vessels such as those used in the oil and gas sector and fishing industry are hardly reachable.

IEC Telecom, a recognised international provider of satcom products and services, challenges those limitations with its state-of-the-art Orion Edge solution. Powered by Thuraya’s Orion IP MSS terminal and equipped with IEC Telecom’s OneGate Compact network management system, Orion Edge offers high bandwidth for corporate and crew welfare needs.

With Orion Edge, IEC Telecom can provide small boats with the connectivity they need to compete in today’s world, including features previously reserved only for large vessels such as videoconferencing and remote maintenance.

In addition, Orion Edge provides crew with a dedicated network supporting web browsing, social media, VoIP calls and email software — all accessible via individual crew vouchers — while the digital dashboard gives the captain and vessel operator the opportunity to keep tabs on usage.

It offers budget benefits too. Orion Edge is equipped with an advanced filtration toolkit which can decrease unessential data consumption, reducing satcom costs by 30 per cent.

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