111 Immigration
Tony Ebraheem, Founder and Lawyer Image Credit: Supplied

Find the right investment migration programme for your needs

111 Immigration is an advisory firm that works towards making this world less of a dream and more of a reality.

With deep expertise in investor programmes for residence and citizenship in various global destinations, 111 Immigration empowers individuals and families with freedom and accessibility to vast possibilities. “We help you become a true global citizen with our profound understanding of governments and investment opportunities, powered with a network of consultants, legal, and financial professionals,” says Tony Ebraheem, Founder and Lawyer.

“Our advice is based on transparency and honesty,” he says. “We look at the client’s interest and future benefits more than anything else. We don’t just give hope, we provide solutions. We take steps forward to think with our clients and offer the best programme to them, considering their present and future. In order to do that, we must understand the client’s needs, assess their qualification, and run a security background check.”

Whether you want to be a permanent resident or a second citizenship holder is your choice, 111 Immigration has customised investor programmes that make your goals more achievable and the processes seamless. “With experience spanning a decade, we ensure that the complex and constantly changing regulations and government policies regarding immigration and citizenship laws do not affect your desired transition. At 111 Immigration, we believe that a world where you can move with freedom is a world where great leaders should be born. And we stay alert and prepared to open this world up for you,” says Ebraheem.