Scorching speed... Etisalat has touched the fastest download speed on a 5G network anywhere. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: Speed matters with 5G - and Etisalat has gone ahead and done just that with the world's fastest download speed of 9.1 gigabits per second.

"This 5G ultra-wideband game-changing download speed is the fastest," said Saeed Al Zarouni, Senior Vice-President, Mobile Network. "We at Etisalat always strive to meet the ever-increasing bandwidth demand from diverse needs of customers, businesses, automation, and gaming.

“And 9.1 Gbps is truly a huge leap forward in the 5G era to offer a speed 30 times faster than a 4G average throughput. This will have a significant and profound change on individuals, industries, society and the economy, transforming how we live and work.”

In May 2019, Etisalat became the first telecom operator in MENA to enable its customers to experience 5G access and release the first 5G handset. It also became the first telco in MENA to provide indoor 5G coverage in selected buildings in the country.

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Next year will be key in determining take up rates by businesses and individuals to these new services... and the speeds that come with them. On Monday, the consultancy Oliver Wyman said UAE consumers are far more likely to sign up for 5G than their peers in the US and UK. The promise of faster download speeds is what's likely to draw them in.

Breaking down the top speed
The 9.1 Gbps speed was achieved by aggregating a multiple commercial spectrum band of n78(3.5GHz), n41(2.6GHz) and millimeter wave n258(26 GHz). This was accomplished through a prototype 5G device that aggregates all three bands.