ABU DHABI: Crescent Petroleum has outlined a range of efforts aimed at ensuring a sustainable future for company and the region in the decades ahead.

Majid Jafar, Crescent Petroleum’s CEO, announced the company’s sustainability efforts during the opening panel of the Atlantic Council Global Energy Forum.

The panel, titled “Setting the 2020 Energy Agenda”, focused on the geopolitical risks in the energy industry, the drive to lower carbon emitting fuels, and the developments shaping the 2020 energy agenda that will determine the future of energy.

Jafar said Crescent aims to further reduce its already low level of gas flaring from operations, and is implementing plans to eliminate use of all single-use plastics. He added that the Company has also continued to improve on a variety of sustainability programmes at its regional operations to reduce its use of water, electricity and fuel, and its overall impact on the environment.