Kota Minerals and Chemicals (KMC) of Malaysia, which is targeting markets in the UAE and the rest of the MENA countries, plans to set up its GCC hub in Dubai.

It may also consider setting up a chemical manufacturing facility in the future in the UAE or another GCC country. However, this will largely depend on its breaking even, which the company hopes to achieve in the near future.

Ho See Chai, general manager of the company, currently participating in the Oil and Gas Exhibition here, told Gulf News that the company has an excellent track record in maintaining 'loss-time-accidents' both in Malaysia and in the other countries where they operate.

KMC's North African hub based in Khartoum, Sudan, for the past 11 months, is taking care of energy sector related opportunities in the region, according to Chai.

Expertise developed through experience in the Malaysian oil and gas industry has helped a Malaysian company win service and supply contracts in Sudan and other countries like Myanmar.