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Raising pets was the focus of attention of all the civilisations that settled in the Middle East. For example, ancient Egyptians documented the sanctity of cats and dogs. Recently, researchers found the oldest evidence that dogs coexisted with the ancient inhabitants of the region in the Arabian Peninsula.

With the culture of the region becoming more open and accepting of pets, combined with the pandemic, the region has seen a rapid increase in the demand for pet supplies and services. However, thought leadership and innovation in the sector still remain low to non-existent, which is where organisations such as Pet Products are spearheading progress, engaging with the global business community through strategic alliances, with multiple international manufacturers and brands.

Pet Products Trading Company (PPTCO) is proud to be the region's most extensive wholesale supplier in Saudi Arabia for pet-related supplies, breathing new vitality into the developing pet industry. The company is an official distributor for over 82 pet-related brands and dedicated to empowering its clients, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge of quality products, which results in the utmost care for every pet in the region.

Being at the forefront of advancement in the MENA region and established in 2005, Pet Products has grown into a company with an extensive product and service portfolio, serving over 1,000 clients so far. To meet the ever-evolving demands of its clients, PPTCO is aiming to expand its reach by setting ambitious goals. By 2025, the company aims to provide efficient tech services, such as SaaS technology, which will facilitate tasks for every pet owner, business and veterinarian, assisting in managing retail shelving and minimising dispatch communication frictions.

Outside of the company’s regular business practices, PPTCO is working towards tackling the issue of volunteering in Saudi Arabia, which wasn’t as regulated as it is today. The Saudi Arabian government has set goals of reaching one million volunteers, to strengthen and consolidate the values of giving, generating awareness of the culture of volunteer work, and PPTCO is actively standing out as its facilitator and promoter for its clients and suppliers.

Achieving these volunteering certificates not only benefits the organisation that has taken on the volunteer but also the volunteers themselves, as PPTCO will award them with credits to use towards future purchases.

The company has a loyalty programme for their distinguished clients called The Shareek Program. Through this programme, it aims to create a rich experience and add real value to build sustainable strategic relationships based on achievement, belonging, trust, and effective communication. PPTCO have designed the programme in an innovative way to suit all commercial activities that operate in the pet trade industry. The programme provides a suitable environment to incubate and support businesses and their growth to achieve common goals.

Pet Products is also actively engaged with CSR activities with nonprofit organisations and groups that are helping to address and tackle the issue of pet adoption in Saudi Arabia.

In an effort to create a more sustainable and healthy life for pets, while providing innovative solutions for pet lovers, PPTCO continues its journey of expanding capacity and domestic coverage of the region. With an average of three brand acquisitions a year, Pet Products is empowering the industry with its unique selections and services.