The Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in Dubai Economy received a total of 25,665 consumer plaints in 2017 — an average of 70 complaints per day — following greater efforts to enhance consumer rights awareness in general and promote transparency as well as cordial consumer-trader relations in the emirate’s retail sector. CCCP also received 2,885 alerts and 1,772 enquiries on the Ahlan Dubai number (600 54 5555) as Dubai Economy maintained focus on reinforcing the emirate’s reputation as a preferred shopping destination for residents as well as tourists.

Consumer complaints relating to the Services sector accounted for 28.6 per cent of the total while 22.8 per cent were from the Electronics sector, 11.5 per cent from Automobiles and 6.1 per cent involved e-commerce. Car rentals (6 per cent), Textiles & personal goods (4.6 per cent), Furniture (3.5 per cent), Clothing & accessories (3.4 per cent), Shipping (1.9 per cent), Car repair (1.4 per cent), and Decoration & maintenance of buildings (0.6 per cent) also had their share respective share among consumer complaints in 2017 while 9.4 per cent of the complaints came from various other sectors.

UAE nationals topped the list of consumers who raised complaints in 2017 at 36.36 per cent, followed by Indians (12.34 per cent), Egyptians (9.81 per cent), Saudis (7.87 per cent), Jordanians (4.61 per cent), Philippines (2.84 per cent), Syria (2.35 per cent), Pakistan (1.95 per cent), Britain (1.92 per cent) and Lebanon (1.29 per cent) were also among the complainants, reflecting the success of Dubai and the UAE in general in spreading the consumer rights message across all communities.