There is likely to be an imminent demand for skilled workers in the construction industry as Dubai prepares the local infrastructure for the hosting of the World Expo in 2020.

According to Guy Rickett, CEO of Cazar, skilled positions such as engineers, project managers and technicians will be the most sought-after initially. Once the necessary facilities are in place, there will be a further demand for those who have the experience or qualifications in the hospitality, travel and retail sectors.

“Construction is probably the sector that will begin recruiting earlier since it needs to begin sooner,” said Rickett. “Infrastructure projects take time to roll out. We would expect that the majority of the hospitality and retail sector to recruit between 2018 and 2021, so not anytime soon.

“There is bound to be a ripple effect on hospitality and retail. When we hear about new hotels and retail stores opening, just about every function related to building, managing, operating these establishments would be needed.

“Other ancillary jobs, be it marketing or interior design, would be required. As for travel, [the demand] could range from more cabin crew to new ticketing agents.”