EAGLE PRO AI Series: R15 Router , M15 Mesh Router, E15 Extender, M32 Router

D-Link’s Eagle Pro AI series delivers quicker, more secure and more dependable connectivity for endless possibilities, whether for video conferences, HD streaming, or high-quality gaming.

The Eagle Pro AI series is a first-of-its-kind Wi-Fi solution that enables customers to embrace the new stay-at-home lifestyle and rethink home Wi-Fi. D-Link’s new Eagle Pro AI Series has a wide selection of routers to meet everyone’s home Wi-Fi and 4G Wi-Fi demands. The R15 AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 Smart Router, M15 AX1500 Mesh Router, M32 AX3200 Mesh Router and E15 AX1500 Mesh Range Extender are equipped with Wi-Fi 6 Technology, which provides up to four times greater capacity and a 40 per cent improvement in throughput over Wi-Fi 5.

For today’s generation of consumers who expect simultaneous connectivity of many devices at home, Wi-Fi 6 provides continuous, high-quality online experiences. The series routers are equipped with built-in Eagle Pro AI capabilities, which monitors traffic and improves the home network.

Managing your Wi-Fi has never been easier with the integrated AI Assistant. It continuously reviews the network and monitors data usage, sending recommendations and weekly reports to the Eagle Pro AI app. What’s more, the series routers are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing users to use voice control to manage their network easily and conveniently.

“We have dedicated our efforts to creating the world’s most advanced series of routers, range extenders and mesh devices, all powered by Wi-Fi 6 and AI Technology,” says Mark Chen, President, D-Link. “This revolutionary Wi-Fi series ensures everyone in the family stays connected online, at all times, no matter what they’re doing. It is perfect for the modern smart home, with lots of connected devices.”