Nick Lutsenko, CEO, OWRealty
Nick Lutsenko, CEO, OWRealty Image Credit: Supplied

The real estate industry in Dubai is on the brink of a significant transformation with the advent of technology-driven solutions, with OWRealty, owned by ONE WAY REAL ESTATE, as one of the players.

Amid rapid market growth this year, navigating the market will be much easier with this new, innovative app for  residential off-plan real estate. After all, 2023 has proven to be a record year for the highest number of real estate transactions. Because it is such a ripe market, it is also very ripe for the development of PropTech. Led by CEO Nick Lutsenko, the app created by OWRealty strives to streamline, optimize, and make the process of purchasing real estate in the UAE safer for both local and foreign investors.

OWRealty's new app for Dubai's real estate market leads an exciting era of growth and innovation, with over 250 new off-plan projects from 80+ UAE developers. Dubai's real estate market is huge, but this app will be the first property portal and transaction center for global customers. It is currently available for Android and iPhone users in English. It will be soon available in most common languages: Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, and more.

Users can download the app to browse Dubai’s real estate from anywhere in the world and be notified of all newly available properties on the market using smart search filters and setting alerts for new listings. The app lets users set alerts for new properties so they can be first in line to view homes, apartments, and villas. Using this app, prospective buyers can contact a real estate agent or broker from OWRealty for more comprehensive assistance in their purchasing journey. Dubai's real estate industry is booming and is projected to reach AED 300 billion. No doubt, the OWRealty app will be a leader in this market.

Nick Lutsenko has many plans to expand the function of this app further, providing buyers with an entire marketplace where they can find the homes of their dreams.

In the near future, Lutsenko and his team will also be adding a section of analytics on the real estate market based on facts provided by the Dubai Land Department (DLD). Additionally, the app will feature key news reports on the current developments in the real estate market, giving users a complete picture of the market in the United Emirates.

OWRealty app will make real estate transactions smoother in Dubai's growing demand. OWRealty solves real estate challenges with innovative property research. There will also be a catalog of real estate to its app to streamline searches and make purchases easier worldwide. OWRealty invites investors to expand the real estate market worldwide with this powerful, new tool. The future of real estate is bright. The market is adapting quickly, offering opportunities to grow beyond borders.