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The MetaTdex “Web3.0 Brokerage DAO” global launch conference was held in style on December 20, 2022, at the Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights, Dubai.

160 participants from over 30 countries across the world gathered to witness the unveiling of the token-stock linkage product "Meta-Asset Bridge", from leaders in politics to business, investment institutions, finance and crypto experts, top media personalities, community nodes, and more.

Founder of MetaTdex Li Jun, Chairman of the World Chinese Chamber of Commerce Li Nonghe, Founder of China bridge Capital Zeng Qiang, Chairman of Dubai signature Real Estate Wu Tong, and the President of Guizhou Chamber of Commerce, UAE, General Manager of Dubai Wafo Food Trading Company Xu Jie, all attended the event.

With the theme “Reshaping future assets through innovations and compliancy”, the conference enormously discussed how global users can safely secure the allocation of cross-regional and diversified assets in a compliant manner under the current economic situation.

The meeting agenda includes MetaTdex CEO’s speech, analysis of the world’s finance landscape, interpretation of Hong Kong’s Web3 policy, “Meta-Asset bridge” product launch, Web3.0 brokerage DAO interactive dinner, and more.

MetaTdex CEO, Li announced that MetaTdex is going public in Hong Kong at the meeting. Through token-stock linkage, users will be backed to participate in Hong Kong stock transactions through the Web3 method with zero thresholds, and build a bridge for diversified asset allocation for global users. The decentralized exchange (DEX) track positioned by MetaTdex can bring sufficient capital flow and user flow to stocks, and continue to help Hong Kong stock market liquidity increase.

Li Nonghe, Chairman of the World Chinese Chamber of Commerce, gave a keynote speech on "The Pattern of World Finance" at the conference, interpreting the current and new global situations. In the post-epidemic era, under geopolitics, food security, energy security, and a fragile macroeconomic environment, the risk of users' single asset allocation may be further magnified. Mr. Zeng Qiang, the founder of China bridge Capital , said frankly that the Web3 financial market has a huge space, and the financial model is constantly innovating, and new profit growth points are constantly emerging, which is unmatched by other financial fields; MetaTdex’s profitability and strong social mission sentiment are the main motivation for investing.

It is understood that the "Meta-Asset bridge" is a token-stock linkage product, which will ensure a barrier-free exchange of crypto assets and stocks. Web 3.0 brokerage DAO is the core community force in the ecological construction of meta-asset cross-chain bridges. Through value dissemination, it can help more users participate in more stock markets through Web3 financial methods. At present, brokerage DAO members can acquire benefits through stocks and tokens in the "meta-asset cross-chain bridge" product.

The Web3.0 Brokerage DAO Dubai conference was witnessed by global users, through Tencent conference, YouTube, and other LIVE channels, covered and reported by the local media in Dubai.

The Web 3.0 Brokerage DAO" Dubai Conference was held under the witness of global users. The Tencent conference, YouTube, and other channels were broadcast live on the entire network, and local media in Dubai followed up and reported on the spot. On the 21st and 22nd of December, MetaTdex will also arrange the "Web3.0 Brokerage DAO" training, COO sharing sessions, and CEO meetings allowing participants to have a deep understanding of the meta-asset cross-chain bridge financial model, values, opportunities, and methodology.