Owaida Al Qubaisi Image Credit: Supplied

With the help of a multidisciplinary medical team at Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital - Capital Health in Abu Dhabi, 21 years old Emirati Owaida Al Qubaisi managed to regain his ability to move and walk after suffering from severe injuries and broken bones as a result of a car accident.

Owaida was involved in an accident on June 12, 2021, while he was driving his car, which led to the overturning of the vehicle and his exit from it.

Owaida was admitted to Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital in Abu Dhabi under the post-acute intensive rehabilitation program. The medical team performed all necessary assessments and procedures, including initial examinations, x-rays and MRI. In additional to his ability to move on his own, and within two months of intensive rehabilitation using the latest technologies based on robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, Owaida was able to walk with a crutch.

Dr. Mishal Al Kasimi, CEO of Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital in Abu Dhabi, said: "The young man was unable to move or stand when he was admitted to the hospital, so a multidisciplinary medical team at Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital directly took over the development of an intensive rehabilitation program tailored to his specific condition, which included several sessions of treatment. Physical and occupational therapy and nutrition programs suitable to his condition were prepared by the hospital's dietitians."

Owaida began to walk gradually with treatment by using a medical walker, then he moved to relying on a crutch, and finally he was able to walk normally. Within three months, Owaida returned to lead his life and daily activities normally and was discharged from the hospital to complete his treatment and follow-up journey in the outpatient rehabilitation department available in the hospital.

It is worth noting that Owaida's cooperation and activities with the medical team was one of the most important reasons for the progress of his condition and treatment.