New online marketplace has launched with an extensive offering of horses and equestrian products and services, catering to the Middle East. aims to be the leading marketplace entirely dedicated to the equestrian industry in the Middle East, covering both individuals and suppliers. This first of its kind platform will operate as a one-stop shop for equestrian goods and services and will integrate a seamless selling and buying experience. Founded by the young Italian entrepreneur Federica D’Andrea, the online marketplace will be the first classifieds platform for businesses in the equestrian industry to connect with buyers directly. This will help it to showcase products and services without the need for an intermediary.

The varied offerings available on the website, include:

· Listings of horses and ponies of various levels, breeds and categories, from experienced to young, mares, brood mares or stallions at stud. Breeds will range from Arabian to Friesians and Holsteiners among others.

· Listings of horse tack and riders’ equipment, for specific equine disciplines such as dressage, show jumping, polo, racing, endurance and more.

· Listings of a wide range of equestrian services and related products including saddle fit-ting, clipping or veterinarian services, equine dentistry or physiotherapy, horses livery and lessons.

· Product listings from manufacturers and retailers in the industry, such as horse feed or stable supplies – including wood shavings, stable mats, horse riding clothes or horse tack.

· Equestrian jobs and opportunities available in the region.

Online listings on the platform for horses, products and services will offer a free and a sponsored option, with various promotional packages available for businesses and individuals wish-ing to advertise.

“With horses being such an important part of Arabic culture and a personal passion of mine, I felt like the equestrian industry deserved a high-end, dedicated online space to cater to the Middle East. I’m most excited to launch a platform that serves equestrian demand and offer across the region, and hope to create a destination for all things equestrian on the new online marketplace. Our unique proposition will suit horse enthusiasts and professionals working in the industry alike – businesses and freelancers can now advertise their equestrian services and related products, while horse owners can sell/buy their horses in a fast and easy manner, with no intermediaries involved," said Federica D’Andrea.

“Similarly, manufacturers and suppliers can list their brands and showcase their products, get-ting direct enquiries from buyers, and there is even a section for equestrian job listings, where employers can now advertise to a targeted-network and get noticed. We are hoping this new business model will contribute to supporting the local UAE equestrian industry, where the company is based, along with the entire Middle East region. We want to make it easier for busi-nesses to connect with their audience,” explained D’Andrea.

The new company is in the process of diversifying both its offering and the platform’s online features, with future plans to launch a Horses Middle East app and a section dedicated to equestrian tours and travels, as well as an Arabic version of the site. Visit