Eng. Ali AlSuwaidi

New opportunities and possibilities not previously seen before have emerged with the rise of intelligent tools and the rapid development of game-changing technologies. In the world of business, the dawn of digitalization means greater efficiency, higher productivity, and more enhanced customer journey.

In Ajman, building a digital society is one of the top government priorities in today’s century. A number of entities involved in the local business community have responded by embarking on a comprehensive journey towards automating and modernizing their processes and procedures. At the forefront of the digital transformation efforts in the emirate is Ajman Free Zone, one of the leading free zones in the UAE.

Ajman Free Zone has made significant digital investments to transform its infrastructure, business solutions, and processes over the years. The success of its continuous expansion lies in part in its efforts to embrace and deploy cutting-edge technological innovations.

Customer experience also plays a vital role in the digital revolution taking place within the free zone. Robotics, artificial intelligence, and geographic information system (GIS) are just some of the state-of-the-art tools deployed to deliver enhanced experiences to its business partners, customers, and other stakeholders.

Eng. Ali AlSuwaidi, Director General of Ajman Free Zone, said: “A tech-driven business ecosystem is one of our differentiating factors. It enables us to continuously attract companies and investors from all over the world. Modernization entails that we turn to innovative solutions supported by strong and consistent relevant human resource training. This direction will bring about numerous advantages and benefits. We will continue on this path to achieve excellence in today’s digital age, in line with the sustainable growth goals of Ajman and the UAE.”

GIS: Changing how Ajman Free Zone operates

The rollout of GIS specifically reflects Ajman Free Zone’s unwavering commitment to outstanding customer experience. Ajman Fee Zone has implemented the technology to facilitate an exceptional customer journey, among other reasons.

Bringing customer experience to the next level, GIS, through its interactive map, enables the visualization of sales data, facilities, activities, and requests, including inspection and maintenance details. With GIS, customers are given direct and fast access to accurate information about Ajman Free Zone’s 11 facility types, more than 17, 600 units, and other various sites. The map shows vacant areas, facilities, and nearby locations to assist businesses in their decision-making processes.

The system also includes a virtual navigation assistant and 360-degree images for evaluation and virtual inspection of a site within the free zone. The latter can be accessed for a full view of the area even before booking the site. Further, GIS allows virtual and actual interaction with Ajman Free Zone’s robot named ‘Ghaith’ and features global positioning system (GPS) services that can be utilized to locate public places.

Ali AlSuwaidi explained that the GIS, which is compatible with international standards, has further improved the quality and efficiency of Ajman Free Zone’s services. The technology has strengthened its digital infrastructure for a seamless customer journey.

The GIS rollout forms part of Ajman Free Zone’s ongoing digital journey. It is a major milestone in the free zone’s all-encompassing efforts to provide the best solutions and mechanisms possible. Looking ahead, more initiatives along this line will be implemented to help cement Ajman Free Zone’s status as one of the leading business and investment hubs in the region.