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Alka Uttamchandani, General Manager for Emirates Home Nursing Image Credit: Supplied

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Emirates Home Nursing extended its tribute to the UAE through its strategic initiatives in supporting mothers to cope with childbirth and motherhood. The healthcare facility commended the UAE's efforts towards creating a safe and conducive environment for mothers and new-borns.

The UAE has made significant progress in supporting mothers, from offering paid maternity leaves to providing top-notch home healthcare facilities. Recently, the UAE labour law increased paid maternity leave to 60 days, with 45 days on full-pay and an additional 15 days at half-pay. This step is commendable and in the right direction towards creating a better future for working mothers.

“As a woman and a mother, I've seen many positive strides being achieved by the UAE in making the country a safe haven for mothers and new-borns. Many women are stretched between fulfilling their role as a mother and returning to the workplace earlier than they would like. However, the extension in paid maternity leave is a great step towards a better future. We’ve seen that most working mothers also opt for our home healthcare services to be hands-on with their babies. Our professionals are trained to care for new-borns and support the mothers to learn quickly. Even after they resume work, mothers find it easy to leave their children in the company of our expert staff,” said Alka Uttamchandani, General Manager for Emirates Home Nursing.

Emirates Nursing
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Emirates Home Nursing takes pride in participating in the initiative to support mothers in the UAE. Their proficient staff is equipped with the most recent training and expertise to deliver exceptional healthcare services to both the mother and new-born. The provision of home healthcare services and extended maternity leaves is tremendously beneficial for women who may otherwise feel compelled to abandon their careers to tend to their families. These services facilitate bonding, postpartum healing, and the development of healthy habits for both the mother and child.

On this Mother’s Day, Emirates Home Nursing extends a tribute to all the working mothers in the UAE and pledges to continue supporting them with their best-in-class services to manage their new-borns.