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S J Group Managing Director Neil Walsh with the legendary Brazilian Football Player Macedo Image Credit: Supplied

Following its huge success in the sport across UK, Brazil, and Portugal. S J Global launches a football club in Dubai. This initiative comes to encourage and groom young players from Brazil and less-privileged African countries. These young talents will be trained by the club to be disciplined, fit, and strong enough to face bigger platforms.

In addition to that, having a dedicated seven-a-side now, S J Global is aiming to form and develop an eleven-a-side soon in Dubai. S J Global is all set to bring in the action with the legendary Brazilian football player Natanael Macedo onboard.

Celebrated as one of the renowned football players from Brazil, Macedo has won two championships for Sao Paulo FC. Also, he had played for some of the leading football clubs like Vasco FC, Cruzeiro FC, Santos FC, and Gremio FBPA in Brazil.

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Natanael Macedo with Brazilian superstar Neymar Image Credit: Supplied

SJ Group Chairman, Peter Samuel said," S J Global is excited to welcome on board Macedo to coach the team and strengthen the eleven-a-side to meet the international standards. Macedo, with his broad network, is believed to play a vital role in making the club one of the most well-known in Dubai."

"Also joining the club is Thiago Muniz, Vice Chairman of Mentes do Desporto FC, from Portugal, to structure the team and administer the development of the club. I'm certain that both Mr. Thiago and Macedo will work closely to grow the team into the finest".

"The Fire United FC for deaf players in Brazil has renowned Mr. Luciano Quati, the first deaf professional goalkeeper as part of the team".

The founding of this team is an admirable vision of the S J Group Chairman Mr. Peter Samuel to identify professional players regardless of physical disabilities.

Peter Samuel added, "In the longer run, the SJ Global football club is excitedly looking forward to welcoming talented UAE nationals, while not limiting itself with the immigrants, given the love and admiration they have for the sport".

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