The Middle East and Africa region is undergoing huge digital transformation Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Cysiv, a global cyber security firm that offers Security Operations Center (SOC) as-a-Service, has announced that is expanding its operations into the Middle East and Africa (MEA) with significant investments in areas of technology, infrastructure, talent, as well as resources. “We see an incredible opportunity for our services in the Middle East and Africa,” said Sherif Shaltout, Vice President of Operations for Cysiv Middle East and Africa. “The region is undergoing a huge digital transformation. Many of the governments are now offering their services online; banking is going online amongst other industries. This has forstered opportunities and challenges where traditional technologies are just not cut for this to happen in a secure manner.”

“Moreover, the region is suffering from a cyber skills shortage and the pandemic has made it even more difficult to hire new ones, as well as invest in technology because many organizations have to cut their budgets, including spendings on security. We believe that our technology, our cloud native architecture is got to help this region transform digitally in a more secure manner. We deliver the right solution at the right time for this region to shore up its defenses in light of the limitations in budgets and talents as well.” He added.

In 2020, Cysiv acquired and re-branded SecureMisr, a Cairo-based provider of managed SOC and related security services, to accelerate its investment in the region. It has now expanded its offerings to include SOC-as-a-Service delivered from its global network of SOC’s, including its newest one in Egypt. Additionally, Cysiv’s global center of excellence for software development has established a regional presence in Cairo, and the company continues to open offices in the region including one in Dubai and is expanding its sales team in the region. These investments are being made because of the rapid global growth in demand for managed detection and response (MDR) services and the need for cybersecurity talent worldwide. But the company is looking to drive impact that goes beyond just growing business and making profits. Shaltout said “Our strategy is not just around setting up business and selling our services, but a core element of that focuses on changing and impacting other areas. We're creating jobs, and developing needed talents. And, I'm very proud of that aspect of, of our expansion approach”

“In-house SOCs are challenging for different organizations of sizes for various reasons. Steeping costs, licensing, hardware, talent, regulatory and compliance are to name a few.” He added. SOC-as-a-Service provides clients with 24/7 security and compliance benefits. And because it leverages the power of Cysiv’s cloud-native, next-gen security information and event management (SIEM) system, along with data science and automation, it delivers significantly better outcomes, and a better quality of service, than a traditional on-premise SOC. Not to mention that it delivers all these benefits as a service, with simple, consumption-based monthly billing.