Ashish Nanda is the chairman and managing director of Innovations Group Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: In a step that demonstrates their commitment to their staff, Innovations Group has repaid all employees who faced salary cuts during the Covid-19 pandemic. Innovations Group is the UAE’s leading HR consultancy firm with activities that include recruitment, temporary staffing, HR outsourcing and payroll outsourcing among others. The Company has been active in the HR consultancy business for the past 25 years and has successfully carved out a niche for itself in the industry.

The year 2020 witnessed the worst recession since the Great Depression due to the global Covid-19 lockdowns. Millions of people were placed on unpaid leave, faced salary cuts or lost their jobs. With over ten thousand staff on its payroll, Innovations Group was adversely affected by the crisis and forced to hand out salary cuts of 25 per cent. However, with business conditions gradually improving, the company has taken the unprecedented step of paying back all held-over salaries to its staff – all in one instance. It certainly looks like the Company is living up to its motto - “It’s all about people.”

There is a widespread notion among people that staffing companies are poor employers and that they frequently ignore the interests of their employees. However, Innovations Group has shown that this is a myth; the Company recognizes the value of each employee and makes it a point to give them their dues, even through tough times. Employees are not viewed as workers but as partners sharing a common objective. Ensuring the wellbeing of its employees has always been a cornerstone of the organisation. This latest step reflects a key tenet that shapes the Company’s principles and transforms key stakeholder relationships into a world-class experience.