From beginners' equipment to pro players' cricket gear, you will find it all here at Gulf Sea Sports Image Credit: Supplied

Gulf Sea Sports is one of finest cricket stores in UAE, boasting an unrivalled selection of professional-quality cricket gear at affordable prices.

We spend innumerable hours each year evolving our range of equipment with high quality, value for money brands. Our selection of cricket bats is unmatched in the GCC. We travel across the UKs and India to respective factories and and pick up some of the very best willows that cricket manufacturers have to offer. Often, we find bats which should be well over Dh1500, that are under Dh900 - something which is impossible without handpicking. Unlike other retailers, we don't just get what is given to us by the manufacturer - we choose what is best for our customers.

Not only do we team up with manufacturers and design special profiles unique to the wickets in UAE and GCC but also test for straight grains and the very lightest willow along with assessing the rebound performance, which we believe is critical. It’s this attention to detail that every bat at Gulf Sea sports reflects that impeccable balance and pick up that sets us apart from the rest.

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Customer first

We choose what is best for our customers. This means we widen the choice for them. We bring them not only  popular commercial brands but also those which have carried the legacy over several decades and has been manufacturing the finest and exceptional hand-crafted English bats over generations.

We have launched and represent some boutique brands which offer top quality bats at a value-for-money price to our customers without being expensive to the pockets there by cutting down the price royalty which may come with some of the bigger commercial brands! We stock the brands with bigger names, but offer great value for money when it comes to price points! Essentially, the bats on our shelves comes with our personal guarantee – that's the reason they are picked in the first place.

Big Choice

From beginners' equipment to pro-players cricket gear, we stock renowned and trustworthy brands, such as: Newbery,SG,SS,MRF, Gunn & Moore, KEELEY, Kookaburra, Adidas, Puma,Hunts County, FOCUS, CP, A2, DSC, New Balance and many more so that players excel at their game by relying on performing brands. 

Great Reasons to Shop with Gulf Sea Sports

• Special profiles suited for GCC wickets

• Top quality products and exclusive offers

• Unrivalled product selection in GCC

• Professional and dependable brands

• Staff that will help you with the selection and offer a rich customer experience

Location: Gulf Sea Sports is opposite the West Zone Super market, near KM Trading in Rolla, Sharjah.

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