Thambili King Coconut water Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Ceylonstar Foodstuff Trading LLC, is proud to introduce a brand-new concept for organic king coconut which comes only from the tropical island Sri Lanka. This is a healthy and refreshing all natural organic sport and hydrating drink. Research has proved that Thambili king coconut water is an all-natural sports drink containing 15 times more potassium (electrolytes) in compassion to regular sports drinks.


King coconut water has been a popular Sri Lankan beverage for centuries which was vastly consumed by all walks of life in the island. Its natural sweet flavor is the perfect thirst quencher for life in the tropics. Its hydrating properties are such that during World War II, King Coconut Water was used for direct blood infusion as a replacement for saline. The natural high levels of potassium act as the ideal sports drink in replenishing that lost through sweat during exercise, allowing your muscles and nerves to function at their peak.

King coconut water from Sri Lanka is sweeter and tastier than most of the commercial coconut waters sold in consumer packs. The taste profile makes it ideal as a single strength juice, and as a substitute for water in juice blends to make a 100% juice.


Sri Lanka, the Southern Asia’s tropical island nation, is acclaimed as one of the top tourist destinations of the world. Visitors to this island are mesmerized by its beauty, history and culture. Among the memorable experiences encountered here is the lingering taste of its exquisite natural drink – the King Coconut water. The King Coconut water is the favorite beverage of the Sri Lankans, which is becoming increasingly popular with the tourists.

The King Coconuts, locally called ‘Thambili’ are bright orange colored variety of coconuts which are indigenous to Sri Lanka. These are extensively found throughout the country especially on the beaches and roadside kiosks which are in plenty during the dry, hot summer months. Sri Lanka is increasingly becoming a preferred getaway while food and drinks in Sri Lanka are also yet another attraction that draws tourists from outside the country. And the King Coconut is the prime favorite. Tourists make it a point to stop at King Coconut roadside vendors and relish the drink.

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