Mr. Neeraj Gupta, CEO Policybazaar UAE
Mr. Neeraj Gupta, CEO Policybazaar UAE Image Credit: Supplied

The Covid 19 pandemic has challenged the consumers’ sense of well-being and placed an unparalleled demand on the modern healthcare system. There’s no denying the fact that now many consumers are taking charge of their health more than ever before. The uncertainty with which consumers are living is the catalyst for this change. It’s time that customers must change their way to plan for the future. A solid and comprehensive health insurance plan is a must inclusion for the financial well-being and secured future. Know a few crucial reasons why you should opt for a higher health insurance plan.

Covid 19 is still prevalent, and its new variants are a major medical threat. Also, the lifestyle that people embrace these days welcomes various chronic diseases like cancer, hypertension, mental health disorders, diabetes, heart and kidney disorders etc. These lifestyle diseases are taking humanity by storm. Thus, a comprehensive health plan is imperative.

Inflation is inevitable. In Dubai, spending on healthcare and wellness services is the highest-costing component wheather it’s inpatient or outpatient care. No matter how much money you have saved, fighting any critical illness can be tough due to exorbitant health care costs. The expenditure on diagnosis, treatment, consultation, surgery and medication can end up costing your entire life’s savings. Hence, a comprehensive health insurance plan can help to overcome the burden of all these expenses off your shoulders. It can act as a strong financial support during any of the medical emergencies.

There are many health insurance providers in the UAE that offer comprehensive health coverage which addresses many of the issues like to help fight lifestyle diseases, to deal with medical inflation and protect your savings. Also, to safeguard your family financially and provide them peace of mind you must not just rely on the health insurance provided by the employers in the UAE. You must double check the limitations in the insurance package provided by your employer. Ensure your health insurance coverage should be sufficient to easily suffice both you and your family's medical needs.

A comprehensive plan with higher coverage would pay a high sum insured for all the critical and non-critical diseases and medical conditions including maternity and mental health care. Individuals can even customize their comprehensive health plan as per their needs as, if they want to buy a comprehensive global coverage then there is the international health insurance plan which includes worldwide coverage. Many people think that these policies are expensive but the truth is that you must consider adequacy of your health insurance coverage. Money should never come in the way of the health and safety of either yourself or your loved ones. However, the mental satisfaction of being financially safeguarded is something that is of foremost importance.