Maaz Rehman, Commercial Director of Cleantech Gulf
Maaz Rehman, Commercial Director of Cleantech Gulf Image Credit: Supplied

Cleantech Gulf, being a leading supplier of cleaning equipment in the UAE & Saudi Arabia, there were no doubts when diversifying the business into the online world came into picture. They started their plans to venture into the online e-commerce world very early in the industry.

“Having an e-commerce platform that caters to the facilities management, cleaning service contractors, and many other cleaning service companies was something the industry needed for the past five years, and we at Cleantech Gulf took the initiative to launch the e-commerce platform to really help take on this challenge of online buying of cleaning equipment within the industry. However, online buying of cleaning equipment was not always the case within our industry, many of the procurements managers would want to see the in-person demo of the equipment and then take a decision to purchase it. We at Cleantech Gulf thought of such practise differently, we wanted to bring a platform which would help managers and individuals take their decision while being at the comfort of their office or home,” Said Maaz Rehman, Cleantech Gulf Commercial Director. began its operations in UAE with plans of expansion in Saudi Arabia. The demand for cleaning equipment is growing every day within the Middle East region. During the current times many companies have taken the initiative to keep a very clean and healthy environment, which contributes to a sanitized & hygienic environment. Being one of the first e-commerce platform in the region that caters to over 150 products online, ranging from cleaning equipment, janitorial products, chemicals, and industrial batteries, we strive to make sure that all aspects of cleaning industry products required everyday are available on at all times.

“While many people are shifting to the e-commerce online world and analysing many other aspects of technology, we believe that it was just what was needed within our industry. Our clients were used to organizing and scheduling demos to see the equipment but now they have an opportunity to watch videos online on our website and really get a true outlook on how its operated including all of its features with a technical data sheet. Understanding the important of after sales support was a no brainer for us because we know how to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients, has multiple options in order to get the support our clients could be looking for. We have a support system that can assist our clients at any given time through email, phone, and WhatsApp. This helps in any questions related to the equipment and any other aspects of a product that may require our potential client to have a much better understanding,” Said Maaz Rehman, Commercial Director of Cleantech Gulf.

The online platform not only has the right support system, but it is the first e-commerce platform in the region that offers after sales support for all of its equipment. Having an amazing service team has been one of the top priorities within the industry of cleaning equipment. strives to achieve the best service for all of its clients at any given time at the comfort of their office or home. being a one stop shop for all cleaning equipment and hygiene product needs, the transaction steps on the platform are very simple. Integrating leading payment service providers has been a great success to ensure secure transactions for all customers. Shipping costs and purchase limits through various payment options are fairly easy to understand when placing an order, steps are made relatively simple that explain each aspect of your order till the checkout page. This all sums up to create a marvellous and thoroughly responsive online cleaning equipment platform which will enable all customers wanting to shop online for cleaning products benefit from the remarkable swift and easy steps.

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