Amlak and Dubai Land Departments
Juma bin Humaidan, Deputy Director-General of Dubai Land Department, inks an agreement with Arif Alharmi Albastaki, CEO of Amlak Finance. Image Credit: Dubai Land Department

Dubai: Amlak Finance has signed up for a partnership with Dubai Land Department, which will allow investments in ready properties listed by the mortgage provider via easy instalment payment plans for a tenure of up to six years.

The payment plan feature applies specifically to all properties that are owned by Amlak Finance.

“This partnership comes in line with our approach to support all parties in the real estate market and help provide flexible options to ensure the attraction of real estate investors locally, regionally, and globally,” said Juma bin Humaidan, Deputy Director-General of Dubai Land Department.

“Entrepreneurs can go to Dubai to live and start their businesses, especially as it has a very attractive real estate investment climate. Amlak will work in this direction, and we expect its efforts to succeed due to the packages and financing offers that it is able to provide investors, contributing to the momentum of the real estate market.”