Comarch Wealth Management is an integrated, multi-module platform dedicated to retail, affluent and private banking clients Image Credit: Supplied

These days, user experience can be a real differentiator in finance. As it these days that financial institutions are not easily distinguishable from each other. Sometimes they are actually likened to toothpaste: doesn’t matter which one you use, all work quite the same.

Not a comparison any banker would welcome. The more so as more than 40% of customers of today  are willing to change financial services provider in order to get better UX – or so the EY have found.

But many contemporary businesses, competing primarily on the basis of user experience, neglect the importance of employee experience. Wrong.

Because to elevate the overall UX, you need to consider both experiences: of those you cater to, and those you hire.

That’s the core assumption we’ve taken building Financial Services Software – our system that supports bankers in delivering sound investment advice. 

The system treats your employees as if they were the primary customers. We provide them with AI-based performance and analytical tools to make their work smooth and efficient. Equipped with these tools, they, e.g., receive reliable lists of clients with the highest likelihood of being interested in particular leads and accounts. Automated modules embedded in the platform amplify operational efficiency, which results in cost reduction, time savings and additional business generation.

Another true strength of the system lies in the fact that it acts as a reliable companion being able not only to adjust to client needs and objectives - but also anticipate them. This means it helps you help your clients to reach and maintain financial health - by offering insights, recommendations and ideas. This, again, is made possible through a combination of smart algorithms powered by AI and big data, which are responsible for personalized investment advice.

Think behavioral analysis based on client profile, life events, or interests. This allows you to serve your clients better simply by asking them fewer questions - and still knowing just enough to do your job exceptionally well.

Did we mention we take full advantage of emerging technologies? Interactive reporting in VR, market news and outlook via Amazon Alexa, or a chat-based robo-advisory… all to let your employees use the most convenient tools of the trade – and use them to turn raw data into strategies that will work best for the clients.

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