Dubai: A new set of coins is being put into circulation today in the UAE to mark a special event.

The country’s central bank has announced that effective January 9, 2019, it will be releasing at least 1,000 commemorative silver and one dirham coins to celebrate the hosting of the Asian Cup in UAE this year.

The silver coin weighs 40 grams and has a diameter of 40 millimeters. It is made of 92.5 per cent silver and 7.5 per cent copper.

special coin
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Its front side shows the logo of the sporting event, while the back bears the denominational value inscribed by the state, in Arabic and English.

The commemorative one dirham weighs 6.10 grams and has a diameter of 24 millimeters. Its front side is the same as the current one dirham in circulation, while the back depicts the Asian Cup logo.

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