Al Maryah Bank App
Al Maryah Community Bank received its final approval from the UAE Central Bank and announces the availability of its banking products and services to the community. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Al Maryah Community Bank has received approval from the UAE Central Bank, and making available its banking products and services.

The bank's intent is "providing integrated digital services that reach customers wherever they are and at any time,” said Tariq Ahmed Al Masaood, Chairman. Its digital banking app will help customers create their current and savings accounts and become part of digital banking. Customers can now download the app (Mbank UAE) from the App Store and Google Play.

“We are embarking on a very ambitious journey that will get the UAE community even closer through our AI-powered technology and fully integrated digital platform," said Mohammed Wassim, CEO. "The unique feature we bring to the table is the concept of co-creation whereby we will assess customer anticipation through our AI, and we will work towards making it a reality.”