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The down-time is crucial for marketers to look beyond the present to conceive a plan to sustain themselves. Image Credit: iStock

Lives are the only concern when it comes to COVID-19, and the one clear message has been about encouraging individuals to maintain social distancing by all possible means.

In this climate, traditional marketing spends or activities have been put on hold, including certain digital marketing initiatives. The down-time is thus crucial for marketers to look beyond the present to conceive a plan to sustain themselves.

People are definitely spending more time online. According to ‘Forbes’, since the pandemic placed almost a quarter of the world’s population in lockdown, internet clicks increased by 50-70 per cent. With most staying inside their homes and presumably online, digital marketing can be any brand’s best choice.

Businesses are carefully defining online marketing strategies as well as introducing innovative ways to communicate. Here are a few reasons why choosing digital marketing strategies is helpful...

Marketing with responsibility

Quite a few brands altered or tweaked their logos to emphasize the significance of social distancing, staying at home for safety purpose, as well as sharing best insights on work from home or essential business tips in this crisis.

Easier reach

During this period, conventional marketing strategies have proven to be ineffective. Since millions continue to spend their time online, businesses should understand it is important for them to be on top-of-mind with their target segment. Not all have stopped making buying decisions, and it is obvious a business has to be visible whenever that target audience is online.

And as businesses resume activity, digital marketing efforts will help keep them quite relevant.

Track changing behavior

A business has a much better chance to keep watch on how consumer behavior is evolving. When the world is finally free from COVID-19, the buying behavior might have undergone drastic change, and even consumers’ expectations from brands, their spending patterns, and many more.

The engagement bit

While engaging them in all possible ways, brands must avoid using automated or bulk communication. The need is to strategically reach out to audiences. While sending emails to customers explaining how the business is tackling the crisis, ensure the information is relevant and use the opportunity to differentiate. Brands may also reach out to clients individually through personalized newsletters, emails, and so on. This may certainly play a vital role in defining the relationship with clients going forward.

Digital marketing always encourages making moves as per the needs of the present. If necessary, only launch products or services online; otherwise the efforts may not lead to favorable results and even hamper brand image.

Businesses should understand this crisis is not going to continue forever. They must maintain their brand presence, since it may be difficult to recover after losing momentum. Utilize and redefine digital marketing strategies, enhance existing connections, and build trust with the audience, and gear up for success post-pandemic.

- Puja Bhatia is Director at WebTek Digital.