111 Immigration
Tony Ebraheem, Founder of 111 Immigration Image Credit: Supplied

"When a client approaches us for a second citizenship and residency application, we, at 111 Immigration, first explain the pros and cons of various programmes, highlighting how they differ from one another, and then determine the best programme for the client based on their circumstances and future goals,” says Tony Ebraheem, Founder of 111 Immigration.

“Thanks to my extensive knowledge in more than 16 citizenship or residency by investment programmes, I am able to provide the most up-to-date information about the programmes,” explains Ebraheem, who is also a lawyer. “We offer our clients regular updates on their application process. Duration of the process depends on various issues. While in most cases, we try to complete the process fast, sometimes it may take longer than usual.”

“Before signing up for a programme, find out how secure the scheme is. Know every single step of the process before you start.

“111 Immigration is a law firm that specialises in second citizenship and residency by investment programmes. We have three licences in the UAE — immigration licence and two legal licences, and we are looking for other opportunities to serve our clients in the best possible way.

“Our focus is now on implementing new technologies and bringing in unique ideas to improve service standards in this sector. These will not only help our clients but also our colleagues in the industry to streamline the application process. We operate in a very transparent manner, displaying all our credentials at the office reception to assure our clients that they are dealing with a trusted consultant.”