Dubai Metro makes a mark

Mohammad launches Green line and unveils Guinness World Records honour

  • Green light
    Shaikh Mohammad, Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad and other officials take the first ride after the inauguration of Image Credit: WAM
  • Green light
    Shaikh Mohammad takes the first ride after inaugurating the Green Line, the second track of the Dubai Metro, yImage Credit: AFP
24 Gulf News

Dubai: His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has said that accomplishing the Dubai Metro project was one of the biggest challenges amidst the international economic crises.

Talking to the media on the official launching of the Green Line of the Metro, Shaikh Mohammad said that the UAE is in good hands and asked everyone to wait for more surprises on the development and economic fronts.

He said that the Metro was the result of the vision drawn up for Dubai to become the first city in the region to have an integrated public transport system, because it is the financial, tourism and trade hub.

Shaikh Mohammad stressed that the projects related to health, education and housing will not be postponed, because they touch the lives, happiness and stability of the people.

Shaikh Mohammad launched the 23-km Green Line in a ceremony at the Dubai Health Care City Station yesterday. He also unveiled the international certificate presented by the Guinness World Records for its entry as the longest automated driverless metro in the world with a total length of 75 km.

Also present were Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Shaikh Maktoum Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler, other shaikhs, ministers and senior officials.

“Dubai Metro costs Dh29.5 billion and the next step is the completion of the Al Sufouh Tram, which is set to open in November 2014 at a cost of Dh3.45 billion,” said Mattar Al Tayer, Roads and Transport Authority chief. Dubai, which was losing Dh4.6 billion per year due to traffic congestion until 2007, has saved Dh35.7 billion in time and fuel due to RTA projects costing Dh60 billion.


  • syed mohammad imran

    11-Sep-2011 04:56

    Assalam alaikum to allMr shaikh Mohammad is a good leader in the history whatever he did one an only for the people of nation Dubai people realy goodAnd realy thanks to UAESpecialy thanks Mr Shaikh MohammadDubai

  • Uthup Varughese

    10-Sep-2011 22:26

    Your HighnessWe had a ruler like us our Mahabeli. becouse of his welfared state we had our beatyful Kerala State and we remember him every year through celebratating the Onam Festival. Hope the Dubai will remember you in such a way as a gratitude for your welfare and well managed emirates,

  • Joel Fernandes

    10-Sep-2011 21:07

    Having lived in Dubai for 17 long years and coming back to my hometown, I find a Visionary Like Shaikh Mohammad cannot be found everywhere. Honesty is one thing people lack in India and we are on top of the list with largest corruption scams, while it is a joy to see Dubai growing from strength to strength. Hats off to the Visionary of Sheikh Mohammed.

  • Paul

    10-Sep-2011 20:02

    Green Line Superb !! I LOVE UAE - Hats off to H.H, Shaikh Mohammmad.

  • Fadhel Khouri

    10-Sep-2011 19:58

    H.H.Shaikh Mohammad may Almighty Allah bless him and his family is a leader that chose to dedicate his time, efforts and attention to the service of his nation and people.H.H. is a role model to all citizens of how hard work and sacrifice can create a peaceful and successful community.

  • Jilani Hakam

    10-Sep-2011 19:33

    Congratulation to HH Shaikh Mohammed, you are a true leader..perfect vision and brave execution.I really salute your strength and braveness, the world going through economic crisis but you still showed your courage and completed your committments.I am sure all this will pay you off if not soon but later,METRO is the best thing happened to DUBAI in the last 50 years or so.The transportation where it was 5 yrs back and where is it now is an IRONY...Salute with both hands to HH Shaikh Mohammed...i wish India also had a leader like you.PLEASE CONTEST FOR ELECTION THERE....I AM SURE YOU WILL WIN...

  • Shihaj

    10-Sep-2011 17:13

    A True Leader with great vision makes his people Proud with each and every steps towards the development. Congratulations!

  • Ibrahim

    10-Sep-2011 16:58

    we love u dubai ... god bless you Shaikh Mohammad

  • Kashif

    10-Sep-2011 16:26

    indeed very nice and well plan move and develop by HH SHKALL THE BEST AND BEST WISHES FOR FUTURE PLANTHIS SHOWS THAT EVEN WITH ALL THE -ive things being said about Dubai, Dubai Dubai done it againVery well done DUBAI UNDER THR GREATER VISION OF HH SHKALSO PLS NOTE THE TIME AND ALLTHE ROADS WORKS BACK TO NORMALALL THE PEOPLE RTA AND CONTRACTORS AND SUB CONT PLUS 24 hrs people working to achieve this

  • Ubaid Bakssh

    10-Sep-2011 15:51

    Always been proud, to be the resident of Dubai, since the time i have born here, yet another reason to be proud dubaite... we luv u H.H Shaikh Mohammad... for blessing us with all this comfort.

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Assalam alaikum to allMr shaikh Mohammad is a good leader in the history whatever he did one an only for the people of nation Dubai people realy goodAnd realy thanks to UAESpecialy thanks Mr Shaikh MohammadDubai

syed mohammad imran

11 September 2011 09:26jump to comments