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Middle East region a major partner for Total

Company’s biggest investments in the region is in the UAE

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Dubai: The Middle East is a very important market for Total for what it represents and for what it would be in the future in energy-related prospects.

“We consider the Middle East as part of our DNA. We have long-term partnerships as we are inadvertently long-term innovative industry,” said Arnaud Bereuillac, senior Vice President for the Middle East, exploration and exploration division .

Bereuillac said that Total has new partnerships with the UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Syria, Oman, Iran, Kuwait, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

“Our main market in the Middle East is the UAE. We have shares of Dolphin Energy Limited, a joint venture between Qatar and UAE. Our share is about 25 per cent,” he pointed out.

In the UAE, Total is a part of eight national companies.

“We are the operator of Total ABK and we are seeking new partnerships in new energies with wide range of projects and long-term partnerships,” Bereuillac said.

“We have 75 per cent of Total ABK, with Adma Opco, Total has 13.3 per cent of the concessions, 5 per cent of Adgas, 33.3 per cent of Fertil, 9.5 per cent of Adco, 20 per cent of Shams and 15 per cent of Gasco. Our biggest investments are in the UAE, particularly Abu Dhabi,” he said.

“We have 20 per cent of the investments in Taweelah A1 for power and water plants. This is a 25-year investment. We will help produce 1.59MW of power capacity and 380 cubic kilometre of water capacity,” Bereuillac said.

He added that Total is one of the top three energy players in the Middle East market along with Exxon and Shell.